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Thread: Triton 6.8 V10 decent engines?

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    Triton 6.8 V10 decent engines?

    OK, who's got history with the Ford V10? What was your experience? Good motors? Trouble spots? Economy? Other comments? From perusing the web it looks like the '00-'04's were prone to spit plugs just like our L motors did, but everything I'm finding indicates that since '05 they've been pretty good engines, if a bit thirsty.
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    Definitely thirsty! Mine was a 00', i never spit any plugs in the 200,000 miles i put on it. I pulled a 30' toy-hauler every other weekend to motorcycle races in BFE. Only thing i hated was the gas pump. Did notice that no matter what exhaust i heard they all sounded weird. Almost like a mustang underwater. Definitely loved my truck though. Just loved my 7.3 more.

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    buddy at work had one and he said the gas mileage really sucked. no complaints otherwise.

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