UPDATE - PayPal now accepts Credit Card payment WITHOUT a PayPal account !!

As TALON grows the costs of maintaining the software for this site and paying for the bandwidth and diskspace grows with it.
In the past Sixpipes and I have paid the costs out of our pockets.

Starting in 2003 we have decided to ask for $10 per year to help with the Forum Software licensing. This Forum software and the Photo Gallery software costs $$$ to license every year. We can use any left over to buy future software or Plaques for the Final Race event of the year. 

In an attempt to defray some of the TALON costs I am offering some options for future features and membership privileges for TALON.

New Features/Membership Privileges available to Supporting TALON Members:

  • Enhanced Access, function, features in VBulletin V3 Forum Software
    • Higher Private Message Limit - 3000
    • Can upload more attachments to the Forum
    • Greater Forum Permissions -
      • Add picture of your vehicle to the rotations
      • More edit +view rights
      • Can use Custom Titles
      • Can download attachments
      • Can Post Polls
      • Can upload custom avatar
      • Can set self to invisible mode
  • SVTLightnings.com or Talonclub.com email address.
  • Space to host your own website. You would have your own mini account on the same server as SVTLightnings.com. It would have most of the features of most shared hosting accounts on most web hosts. The drive space and bandwidth would be limited for $$ reasons.. there would be plenty of space to put up family pictures or truck pictures or whatever. Room enough for 10 or so web pages easy. If you had a domain name you could point the domain name to it.. pictures of your truck and the mods theoretically could be hosted at www.CrawfordsTruck.com for example. You could then have your own email. Crawford@crawfordstruck.com No longer available
  • Individual Photo Gallery Category - A place to post ALMOST any pictures you want. Easier than using the Website above for quickly posting pictures. Now that F150Online Galleries have been changed to prevent linking on other sites this may become a more popular option.
  • Inclusion in the Members contact list here
  • Inclusion in a TALON Members email list - for direct non public communications via email.
  • TALON Discounts + Specials from TALON vendors and friends
  • Access to the Hidden Members Only Section on the Forum
You will have to request some of these features. Just let me know what your are interested in. More features to follow.
With the implementation of annual Dues there is a separate Forum setup that is ONLY accessible to the members in good standing.
It is a good place for discussing things that may not be appropriate in the public forum. Like who the Mode friendly dealers are, perhaps the details of TALON members ONLY discounts from our supporting vendors, etc.

 I have come up with a REAL EASY way to join TALON just use the subscription feature built into VBulletin here http://www.talonclub.com/forum/payments.php That form will automatically add you to the correct TALON group and you will have many of the features discussed above immediately.

DONT use the DONATION button to JOIN TALON.


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 it appears that you guys are enjoying the new software....

Here is a thread to discuss this if you like ... Please send me feedback.