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Thread: Need to Talk To a Diesel Mechanic...

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    Need to Talk To a Diesel Mechanic...

    Hey guys, my 2005 Ford F250 Diesel 6.0 would not start on Saturday. It has 55K miles, and the engine would turn and turn but not fire. Had it toed into a local mechanic, they say best case $900 to replace the oil pressure regulater or $2600 if its the oil pump that's gone bad (in which case I'd have to have a new regulator installed anyway). I know less than nothing mechanically about my truck and just want to me sure I'm not being taken to the cleaners . I'll take any/all advise if anyone has a few minutes to spare....214.683.6482 is my cell. Need help quick plz....Thanks to all...

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    You will have better responses on the local Power Stroke forum. North Texas Power Strokes.

    Not starting is usually easy to find, cost is another thing.

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