Hi Talon,
I haven't posted in some time. I wanted to give an update.
I sold my truck last March and bought a F150 Platinum. Mostly because I had a stroke and being 61 years old at the time and having owned it for 17 years, it was time to let it go. The new truck had adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, etc etc and just made me a much better driver. We used it to tow the Jeep to South Dakota for a jeep run and my daily driver. Well, last October, our house was one of the ones hit by the tornado and so was my truck. I took it to the body shop 10/21 and as of today, I believe its still there. So, being impatient, I traded it in on a 2019 Raptor with 19K miles. So I am back in a Ford Performance (the new SVT) vehicle and love it so far. Its amazing how much power can come out of a 3.5L V6. Its not a Lightning, but a Lightning isn't a Raptor either and the Raptor is much more functional for me now.
I hope you guys are doing well.I am ok and still working.