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09-03-2007, 05:12 PM
I almost have my truck back to stock for my head gasket replacement. I was looking at new trucks to see if there was anything more reliable than my 6 leaker PSD. I went to the GMC dealer and looked the new 2500 over. I give it a thumbs down. While the engine, trans and rear diff are good the rest of the truck is still lacking true beef. More to come...
Dodge is still having trouble with auto transmissions and even more probs with the 07 changes DPF's clogged at 3K miles 11mpg and so on. I haven't looked over the rest of the truck.
GM has several things I don't like. Their independent front 4wd is weak. It uses half ton tie rod ends etc. There are several bushings and joints to flex and fail, they will chop tires etc. They don't have a nice tow command system like Ford, they have the smallest fuel tank of the three. The frame hangs way low and the trans cross member is 2" lower than the lowest point on the truck. They won't hold large tires at stock height like Ford and Dodge will. GM is also the most expensive truck on the market.

09-03-2007, 06:09 PM
You for to mention anything about the flame throwing FORDS tho!!

My dad has a 07 CTD (409ci) 2wd. Its a sweet truck. Tons of power and very stout (theyve made some good changes from previous years). Havent heard anything on the tranny probs, care to elab... However he does have a check engine light!! HAHA!! Truck has just over 3k miles perhaps its the DPF (care to say what is involved in fixing this). I do know it comes and goes, and usally comes on after a few minutes of run time. I still like it and will prob still get one when I sell the L.

I have to say Im not fond of the new fords appearance looks cheesy. The interior is FUGLY. The bed is square as hell. I like the older ones, but the newer body styles look like ass IMO.

Chevys are overpriced and still seem too light weight for a 2500. Not a fan of the Chevy.

09-03-2007, 08:04 PM
Cummins chose a passive DPF system and it does not work for city driven trucks. Ford and GM use active systems that work under stop and go city use. It is widely known the Dodge autos are weak the converters slip almost in stock form. They are doing Allison conversions to go hold up.
Here is the dinky Gm front end.
The Ford is over twice as big.

09-03-2007, 10:11 PM
Brand new Dudge on side of 199 past Springtown broke down. Hood popped and was one of the Megacabs.